About us & the cards


Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth will tell you, “My career has quite literally been a series of disasters.” She has worked in disasters around the globe and made it her mission to learn all she can about resilience and recovery so that she can bring that knowledge to helping others. She has worked for large aid agencies, led disaster recovery efforts, worked within government and has studied disaster leadership.


Meet Jolie

Jolie is a cognitive psychologist and will tell you, “I didn’t come looking for disaster, it came looking for me.” In 2010, disaster came knocking on her door, or you could say gave it a good rattle. Jolie is a survivor of the Christchurch earthquake and has lived disaster recovery with her family first hand.

It all started when…

Jolie and Elizabeth began sending each other Whatsapp messages with ideas, stories and tips to help people after disaster. Their messages were based on 15 years of disaster experience, cognitive psychology, research and hard-won wisdom. The messages flew backwards and forwards, over a number of years, between different countries and disaster zones before a friend who had faced disaster themselves said, “You’ve just got to get these out there to people who need them. I wish I’d had these myself.” So Elizabeth and Jolie came up with the Cards for Calamity, tested them out, and it turned out the friend was right. The cards make life that little bit easier at such a tough time.

Elizabeth and Jolie are founders of a social enterprise that shares knowledge based on learning from disaster, to empower individuals, organisations and communities to seize the opportunities that come with change.