Cards for Calamity help you navigate life after disaster. Comprised of tales, tips and tricks, these 70 cards make life a little easier. In practical and profound ways, they guide you through the weeks, months and years after disaster. To come out of a disaster the best you can, it helps to have knowledge and inspiration from others who have been there before.

Buy these for yourself or for those you care about after disaster.

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Cards for Calamity help you, your family and those you care about after disaster.



Cards for Calamity are made up of 70 cards that will help you feel more confident, make decisions and prompt conversations to see you through the tough times after disaster.



These cards are for you if:

  • you want to come out of disaster the best you can for you and your loved ones

  • you want to feel more in control of your post-disaster life

  • you want to find clarity among the chaos

  • you want a practical gift for someone you care about who has been affected by disaster.



These cards can be used in many ways by yourself and with others.

Cards for Calamity are designed to help you understand a shared experience, and so they are powerful when shared. Gather some friends, use the cards in community meetings, send a tip to a friend, share them with your colleagues at work. Life after disaster is best done together.

Where does this come from? 


Cards for Calamity are built on learning and experience from global disasters. They are created by McNaughton & Wills Ltd who are experts in disaster recovery. McNaughton & Wills Ltd is a social enterprise supporting people and communities to grow from times of challenge. Years of hard-won knowledge and wisdom have been distilled for you to help you at this tough time.

“I have to say the Cards for Calamity are incredible. The advice is spot-on and of tremendous value to anyone who has just come through a disaster. The cards can be used continually as an aid throughout the long disaster recovery.”

Doug Ahlers – Senior Fellow, Program on Crisis Leadership, Harvard University

"These cards offer advice from disaster recovery professionals who have ‘been there’, many times over. These cards help you learn how to cope, how to plan, how to laugh, and how to cry; without beating yourself up and without expecting too much from yourself and those around you.”

Mary Comerio – Professor of the Graduate School, University of California, Berkley

“The cards are terrific. They’re short and to the point - just what’s needed when there’s so much going on and you don’t have energy or time. This was our experience after the Black Saturday bushfires.”

Kerry Clarke and Larry Challis – Community Recovery Committee, Whittlesea, Australia

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If you’d like a little help navigating life after disaster, we’d love to help.

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